King of the ring

The King of the Ring tournament started to write its own history at the Klin Cultural Centre on December 11. Here boxers from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic competed for the title of "King of the Ring".

It is not enough for a boxer coming in first place in his class to become King of the Ring. Everything else accomplished in the ring also figures in the evaluation: attack, defence and working with the body - he simply has to be the champion in his category and impress the judges. Only the best can earn the title of “King of the Ring”.

Winners in the remaining classes receive medals and certificates.

Schedule for download here: Schudule KING OF THE RING 2017



Michal Šurin from Box Sport Žilina put in a fantastic performance. In his first match, he sent his Polish opponent to the ground. After receiving a hard blow, he remained lying down and the fight ended with a second-round knockout. In the final, Michal’s Czech rival did not stand even the slightest chance. The second round ended with his opponent’s coach throwing in the towel. Michal Šurin simply became the first King of the Ring!


Michal Šurin with his coach Peter Jacura